Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Doc Classico 2020

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Key factors to remember for the Verdicchio:

  • It’s one of the very first Italian Doc, dating back 1968.
    Anfora bottle originates from the Greek history of the area.
  • Jancis Robinson called the Verdicchio “the Chablis from Italy” for it’s great ageing potential, freshness and minerality.
  • It ages very well, in some cases up to 20-25 years.

Pairings:  Cold and hot starters, pasta with white sauces,   mushroom-based dishes, grilled fish.

Grape:  100% Verdicchio.
Vinification:  The grapes are collected in small boxes and   are immediately cooled down with the “cold soak technique”   (SO2), followed  by  soft  pressing  (Nitrogen  press). The   must is then immediately brought to 0-4°C for undergoing a   3 days static decantation. After the clearing of the must, the   temperature is increased up to 16-18°C to start fermentation   which lasts around 20 days. The wine then rests in steel for   about 3 months before bottling.
:  Pale straw yellow with green hues..
Scent:   Delicate fruity aromas with floral hints of   hawthorn,   apple and citrusy notes, with the typical almond   aftertaste.
Flavour:   Warm  and  enfolding  on  the  palate,  with  a    nice  freshness  and  delicate  minerality,  with  a   typical  almond  aftertaste complementing its bouquet.

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